The No. 24 Florida Gators’ clash with the No. 23 Tennessee Volunteers Saturday was full of crazy moments, and it ended in the most ridiculous fashion imaginable. Trailing 20-17 (after missing three field goals on the day), Tennessee had a first and goal, but had to settle for a field goal to tie the game.

That led to Florida getting the ball back, but it looked like they would settle for overtime after they didn’t call a timeout following a long run near the first down marker by freshman quarterback Feleipe Franks. After a run got the first down and stopped the clock with eight seconds left, though, the Gators tried a Hail Mary from their own 37, and it worked out amazingly:

This play’s incredible first for how it looked like Franks might get sacked. He manages to escape the pressure, run right, and set his feet, though, and he has enough time to get off a deep throw that somehow goes all the way to the end zone. That has to be about a 63-yard throw. And it’s in a perfect spot, too; there are two Tennessee defenders in the area, but Florida sophomore receiver Tyrie Cleveland is the only one who can get there.

What a throw, and what a play to give the Gators a 26-20 win. And the Florida radio call of it from Mick Hubert on the Gator IMG Sports Network sums it up perfectly:

“It’s going to be CAUGGHHHHT! It’s a TOUCHDOWN! And the GATORS HAVE WON THE GAME!” Couldn’t say it better. Oh, hey, and it’s perfect that Cleveland is the guy who gave a “we’re going to shock the world” quote in August. They certainly did on this play.

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