While the college bowl season has obviously seen a lot of upheaval and chaos off the field, the Duke’s Mayo Bowl kicked off this morning at 11:30 AM Eastern time.

That means that in just a few hours, the winning coach (either South Carolina’s Shane Beamer or North Carolina’s Mack Brown) will have 4.5 gallons of mayonnaise poured on their head.

This will be covered on the ESPN app, for those interested, a group that probably includes everyone reading this post.

Beamer and Brown were asked about the mayo bath in the leadup to kickoff, with both men expressing varying degrees of willingness:


A minor midweek bowl culminating in condiment showers is exactly the sort of entertainment college football was designed to provide, especially for the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Many people recognized this accordingly:


Currently, USC is beating UNC 18-7. That score holding is probably not the best outcome for neutral observers; obviously it would be amusing to see just about any college football coach covered in mayo, but Mack Brown is on the short list of coaches it would be the most amusing to see covered in mayo.

Let’s hope the Tar Heels can mount a comeback here, for the sake of physical comedy.

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