Those watching Saturday's game between Florida A&M and North Carolina noticed a decline in their video during a portion of the game.

Those watching Saturday’s college football game between Florida A&M and North Carolina might have noticed a decline in their video feed during a portion of the game. As it turns out, it wasn’t due to any errors from the ESPN-owned ACC Network, which was broadcasting the game. Rather, the video issues were mandated by outside forces.

There was lightning in the area of the game for a while. As a safety measure, ESPN had to shut down some of the cameras. That left the broadcast with what was essentially an All 22 camera, though the score bug remained intact and the announcers still called the action.

Lightning is not uncommon, particularly during the early weeks of the college football season in late August and early September. What made this situation unusual is that the game still went on. Normally, if lightning in the area is so bad that the sideline cameras need to be powered down, it’s bad enough to delay the game. Evidently, that was not the case here. Things were eventually restored and the game returned to a broadcast with better cameras.

This game just seems to have something of a curse on it. On Friday, there were reports that due to several players on the team being ineligible, Florida A&M wasn’t sure if it would even be able to play. Later in the day, it was announced that the Rattlers would play, though without 20 players.

Fortunately, the game was played and the weather issues were only temporary.

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