It is almost that time again. College hoops fans around the country are getting their brackets right and making sure that their March Madness betting picks are ready. The 2022 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament is about to begin, culminating in the championship game in New Orleans, Louisiana at the start of April.

Some of the best–loved announcers have enjoyed calling games from March Madness over the years, bringing fans the excitement of the games into their own homes. With the best in college basketball about to make some more memories, we thought we would remind ourselves about some of the most memorable moments in March Madness history.

Buzzer Beater

There is nothing sweeter for a college hoops announcer than a buzzer beater to win the championship. In 1983 that came along with an added March Madness upset to seal the deal. North Carolina State beat the highly fancied Houston after making it to the final few seconds all square.

That was the perfect time for Dereck Whittenberg to post the ball up – or possibly shoot – and for Lorenzo Charles to dunk with just one second on the clock. Underdog NC State takes the championship and the place goes crazy as players, fans and coaches desperately look around for someone to celebrate with.

Three-point Buzzer Beater

Maybe there is one thing better than a buzzer beater to win the national championship – and that’s a three-point buzzer beater to win the national championship. Just ask Kris Jenkins. Every kid grows up dreaming of pulling off this shot to win the title – and Jenkins did just that for Villanova in 2016.

Villanova had finally gotten through to the National Championship game after dominating the regular season for years. But in the dying seconds, UNC’s Marcus Paige had landed a 3-pointer to level the game. Enter Kris Jenkins. He received the ball with just two seconds to go and pulled off the greatest game-winning shot in NCAA tournament history.

Turnaround Fadeaway

It is fair to say that most college basketball fans outside of Duke didn’t have too much good to say about Christian Laettner. He is widely regarded as the most reviled player in college hoops history. But he also provided one of the most memorable March Madness moments – one that is simply referred to as ‘The Shot’.

Duke was going for a second straight championship and had come up against Kentucky in the Elite Eight. With time running out in overtime, Laettner receives the ball and quickly turns and fires the ball towards the basket. It drops and instantly becomes one of the most talked about March Madness shots of all time.

Stars of the Future

March Madness is obviously home to the stars of the future as far as the NBA goes. But sometimes the tournament brings together two players, already making headlines, who will go on to become basketball icons. That happened in 1979 when Larry Bird and Magic Johnson faced each other and kicked off a legendary rivalry.

Johnson and his Michigan State Spartans eventually beat Bird’s Indiana State Sycamores in what became the most-watched basketball game of all time. The two would meet countless times over the years, including in three equally memorable NBA Finals between the Lakers and the Celtics.

Home of the Upsets

March Madness always throws up some memorable games. But what everyone wants to see is a big upset. We have mentioned a few in this article – but one of the biggest ever was in 1985. Villanova has already featured, but in 1985 they had never won a championship and faced a Georgetown team that was the reigning champion, number one seeded and a giant of the game.

But Villanova raised their game to an unbelievable level – making 79 per cent of its field goals – and won 66-64. The Wildcats became the lowest-seeded team ever to win the tournament and proved that absolutely anything can happen at March Madness.