New York sports talk radio kingpin Mike Francesa attempted to break down the NCAA Tournament this week and in doing so might have shown that you should look for your bracket advice elsewhere. Why? Because it was apparent that Francesa didn’t realize that Maryland left the ACC for the Big Ten three years ago!

Just have a listen to the awkward silence as the sports pope tries to figure out what happened in the games Maryland and Florida State played against each other this season. Maryland is the #6 seed and Florida State is the #3 seed in the west region so a second round matchup is fairly likely.

Naturally, they didn’t play against one another this season because they now play in two different conferences. Francesa finally realizes that mid-stream and then jumps right into the most generic breakdown of Maryland basketball’s 2016-2017 season that you will ever hear. It’s almost as good as his legendary World Cup clip.

I would just love, love, LOVE to see Jim Delany’s reaction to this clip after adding Rutgers and Maryland to the conference years ago in the hopes of making the Big Ten a big brand on the East Coast. That was the entire goal of adding them to the conference, right? Well, that and making tens of millions of dollars by getting the Big Ten Network in homes on the east coast.

Now here’s the biggest sports talk show host in New York having zero clue that Maryland is even in the conference! Does that say more about Maryland in the Big Ten… or how closely Mike Francesa follows college sports. You be the judge.

[via Sports Funhouse]