If you watched Saturday night’s clash between Michigan and Penn State, you might recall the game momentarily being stopped while a photographer was taken from the field on a stretcher following a sideline collision. (And we know many people did see that stoppage because the Michigan-Penn State game drew the highest numbers of the weekend, earning a 17.6 overnight rating. That was also the second-highest rating of the college football season.)

Reports soon circulated that it was a student photographer who was injured. The incident in question occurred early in the second quarter after the Wolverines’ Karan Higdon scored a touchdown just inside the pylon. Higdon was pushed to the sideline on a tackle attempt and ended up colliding with the student photographer. Several accounts noted that she wouldn’t let go of her camera.

Here’s a clip of the play:

The student photographer was identified as Samii Stoloff, a junior at Michigan who also does freelance photography work for Big Ten Network. As a result of the hit, Stoloff was on crutches, but was otherwise OK and tweeted about the collision shortly after it occurred to let everyone know she was all right.

Obviously, her health was of chief concern and it’s great to hear Stoloff is all right after the initial report from ESPN’s Maria Taylor mentioned that the photographer suffered a serious injury. But for the purposes of her job, Stoloff made sure her story had an impressive ending. She got the shot! And it was a good one. What a pro.

Actually, Stoloff took two nice photos of Higdon’s touchdown, which at that point in the game appeared to get Michigan back in the game by making the score 14-6. Unfortunately for the Wolverines, that was the closest they’d get to Penn State for the rest of the night in an eventual 42-13 blowout.

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