Playing an elimination game today in the SEC Tournament, LSU trailed Auburn by one run in the bottom of the ninth inning.That would have been a slight upset; LSU is currently ranked 16th in the country, while Auburn entered postseason play as the #8 seed in the SEC. With one out and runners on second and third, Auburn catcher Matt Scheffler couldn’t quite corral a ball in the dirt, and then things got really crazy:

The call is tremendous, as well, with the SEC Network broadcast team in shock:

“He can’t find the ball! They’re going to try and score the tying run…and they do! And it gets away! LSU will walk it off! Oh my goodness! What just happened?”

A fun angle as the celebration spilled down the line:’s win is even more amazing when you consider how they ended up in this game in the first place: by losing a crushing 17-inning game late last night.LSU infielder Chris Reid was at the plate for that moment, and he reflected on the chaos in fitting fashion:

LSU moves on to face the loser of Vanderbilt-Mississippi State on Friday evening.

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