The University of Michigan is one of the few schools to truly be able to say they have high-profile head coaches for both their football and men’s basketball programs. Jim Harbaugh always seems to be making headlines and garnering media attention while John Beilein always seems to be making it known how much disgust he has for whatever happens to be occurring on the court.

Those two worlds colliding on Thursday night for one glorious moment.

Late in the first half of the Wolverine’s basketball game against Nebraska, Coach Harbaugh was being interviewed courtside when, seemingly out of nowhere, Beilein appeared and stole the scene.

Is this the perfect metaphor for Michigan’s coaching situation? Certainly, plenty of people out there seemed to notice the message it was sending.

Michigan went on to absolutely demolish Nebraska by 29 points so, hopefully, Beilein is feeling a little bit more relaxed about things (he probably isn’t). And to think, we almost didn’t get to enjoy this moment. Had Beilein taken his talents to the NBA, UM fans and college basketball fans would be worse off for it.

Meanwhile, Harbaugh is probably en route to whatever European country he’s taking his football to this year so they can start preparing to lose to Ohio State once more in November.

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