We’ve seen a lot of college football head coaches get to coach their sons and we’ve heard a lot of broadcasters get to hand the reigns off to their kids, but rarely do we get to hear a football broadcaster call a play while their own son is out on the football field. Especially if that son is a holder, of all things.

ESPN’s Joe Tessitore is calling Saturday’s matchup between the No. 1 Clemson Tigers and Boston College Eagles. The game had been quite the shocker so far, with BC up two scores on mighty Clemson in Death Valley. So emotions were already running high on the day.

With a minute to go in the 2nd quarter, BC was holding a 21-10 lead while the lined up for a 40-yard field goal on 4th & 2. While BC kicker Aaron Bourmerhi lined up to extend the Eagles’ lead, holder John Tessitore waited to receive the ball. As you’ve probably guessed by now, John is the son of Joe, setting up a cute moment where perhaps we could acknowledge the fun fact and then move on.

However…that’s when Boston College players starting going into motion and Tessitore rushed under center as if he were going to take the snap and run a trick play. That certainly got Clemson’s defense worried and they jumped offsides, making the play a huge success for the Eagles, much to the excitement of one proud papa.

Instead of a field goal attempt, it was now first down and they could convert that drive into a touchdown instead. BC took a 28-13 lead into the locker room as they look to cap off the huge upset in the second half. But in the meantime, it’s a pretty cool moment to hear Tessitore call Tessitore doing good Tessitore things. It’s gonna be a good Halloween at the Tessitore home tonight.

Just like we all thought we’d hear today…


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