Jim Boeheim on Andy Katz.

Syracuse-UConn games have lead to some remarkable moments involving Andy Katz over the years. Way back in February 2013 after the sixth-ranked Orange lost to the Huskies, Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim went off on Katz (then with ESPN), saying “I’ll answer anyone’s question but yours because you’re an idiot and really a disloyal person.” But, after the Orange beat the Huskies 72-63 Tuesday and Boeheim saw Katz (now working for NCAA.com in addition to the Big Ten Network after ESPN laid him off in April) in the press conference crowd, he had critical words for ESPN instead for choosing to part ways with Katz.

Here’s the clip:

“Andy Katz! You didn’t even, you’ve got to ask a question anyway, man. Nice to see you, it’s very nice to see you, Andy. You should still be working where you were working. They’re idiots. Disney needs to make money and ESPN’s not making enough. We might not even get on ESPN any more after that. That would be awful.”

That’s quite the change of pace, and it suggests that Boeheim’s put whatever grudge there was (Boeheim said in 2013 it was about Katz asking him about the Bernie Fine investigation on-camera in a 2012 interview after Boeheim said he couldn’t discuss it) behind him. That’s good to see. And it’s funny that Boeheim did it in similar style.

[Syracuse Orange on YouTube]

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