The Iowa Hawkeyes advanced to the finals of the Big Ten Tournament with an 80-77 victory over the Indiana Hoosiers on Saturday. For reasons that are best left up to the magic of the universe, the game featured multiple instances of fecal-related mention during and after the broadcast.

During the first half, Indiana and Iowa were locked in a real back-and-forth effort. With Indiana leading 22-20, CBS was cutting to commercials when announcer Jim Nantz referred to it as a “game of runs” before accidentally saying the Hawkeyes “sharted…that dead-eyed shooting of theirs.”

Hey, it happens. And that would have been worth a good chuckle if the poop-related instanced ended there.

Iowa’s “dead-eye shooting” didn’t just “shart” but it continued well into the game, eventually culminating in Jordan Bohannon’s game-winning three-pointer from way downtown (don’t tell Gus Johnson) to cement the Hawkeyes’ victory.

Afterward, Waterloo, Iowa TV station KWWL was showing Bohannon’s post-game press conference when they included a chyron that shared just a little too much information.

Look, maybe you don’t like the fact that Jordan didn’t call bank on that three-pointer, but that’s no reason to get nasty.

Naturally, because we are all children, Bohannan received plenty of praise for his game-winning “efforts.”

Whatever you want to take away from the fact that a Big Ten basketball game was loaded with this many butt-related references, that’s up to you.

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