Rutgers is on the road in Evanston this week taking on Northwestern.

The Scarlet Knights have been okay this year, starting the season 3-3 with all three losses coming against top-ten competition. (Ah, life in the Big Ten East!) But we’re not really here to break down Rutgers football.

Instead, we’re here to break down one of the more fun random sports broadcast moments: when a camera angle and some on-screen action combine to make it look like someone has disappeared right in front of our eyes. The person in question: Rutgers coach Greg Schiano.

That’s a textbook example of the genre, too. Schiano is there, and then, he’s not. It’s like a quick-change act, in a way. (It also doubles as a nine-second microcosm of Schiano’s NFL coaching career.)

Anyway Rutgers is down 7-0 late in the first quarter, so hopefully for their sake Schiano apparates back to Ryan Field in time to make some adjustments.

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