MADISON, WI – NOVEMBER 14: Frank Kaminsky #44 of the Wisconsin Badgers boxes out for the rebound during the first half of play against the Northern Kentucky Norse at Kohl Center on November 14, 2014 in Madison, Wisconsin. (Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

On April 3rd, 2017 former Wisconsin basketball star and current Charlotte Hornets player Frank Kaminsky and former NCAA head coach and current broadcaster Dan Dakich got into a Twitter war over NCAA compensation.

129 days later on August 10th, 2017, Kaminsky and Dakich got into ANOTHER Twitter war about the same issue.

And scene.

In short, the two were talking about amateurism, compensation and giving back in two different ways. Kaminsky was talking about what he did successfully as a player for Wisconsin while Dakich was talking about how he helped player’s lives while he was a coach.

The whole argument was a little all over the place thanks in part to Kaminsky. Multiple times Dakich would ask Kaminsky a question and he wouldn’t answer. For example:

Dakich: “Child please again with the insults..all I’ve done is state facts..I can’t insult like you..does Hayes have loans? I know he has a job”

Kaminsky: “Didn’t you just call me a fly on an elephants ass? I guess I forgot. And you completely miss the point but that’s great work on your part”

What does Kaminsky accomplish here by not answering Dakich’s question here? Dakich meanwhile did the opposite:

Kaminsky: “What have you done besides belittle student athletes by saying they don’t work hard enough?”

Dakich: “Now a victim..started summer school @ BG got 1000s for my playas 5 fund raisers/yr to do it..went to BK as a playa got better food/jobs 4 us”

At the end of the day I’d probably side with Kaminsky here because of how Dakich did “belittle student athletes” in a way. However, Dakich also does make good points about how he helped players when he was a head coach and Kaminsky seemed to ignore those responses.

Anyway, Twitter feuds are ridiculous. I fully expect both of them to be a major topic on the various debate shows for at least the next couple days thanks to this.

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