Monday is Martin Luther King Jr Day across the United States, and a number of sports teams and leagues are tweeting out MLK quotes and graphics in honor of the man and his legacy.

And then there’s Florida State, whose recruiting account tweeted…well, this.

That less than ideal tweet, complete with a Seminoles glove photoshopped onto King’s arm (doing what FSU would like you to believe is the Tomahawk Chop), lasted less than an hour before being deleted.

It really isn’t difficult to honor King without injecting your school/team’s brand into your social media posts.

Here’s Ohio State, without any buckeye stickers plastered onto King’s suit.

Here are the Atlanta Braves, who did not stick a foam tomahawk in King’s hand.

Here are the Philadelphia Flyers, who did not stick Gritty’s head over King’s shoulder.

And so on and so forth. FSU did way too much with their tweet when they barely needed to do anything at all. Now, instead of just fading into the landscape with the dozens of other tweets honoring King, Florida State’s tweet is being rightfully lampooned.

UPDATE: FSU apologized for “missing the mark” with their graphic.

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