The Boise State field screened by smoke.

The snow-filled Mountain West championship game in Boise led to a whole lot of unusual plays in the first half, and it got weirder from an announcing point of view in the second half. At the end of the third quarter, there were some fireworks set off, and that led to a massive bank of smoke in front of the announcing booth. That made it hard for commentators Steve Levy and Brian Griese to see the game, and it also made it tough for the ESPN high camera:

It’s always good when you have to say something like “I think Fresno State has the ball,” as Levy does here after field analyst Todd McShay (who could actually see from his position) threw back to him:

Afterwards, the broadcast took a look back at the fireworks that set this off:

Fortunately, the smoke cleared not long afterwards and this went back to general snow weirdness, not snow-and-smoke weirdness.


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