Well, this sucks. ESPN college football analyst Rod Gilmore announced via press release that he’s battling multiple myeloma, a form of blood cancer.

Gilmore played college football at Stanford, and works with Mark Jones and Quint Kessenich on college football broadcasts. As relayed via ESPN’s release, Gilmore says the disease was detected early:

“I was recently diagnosed with a form of blood cancer known as Multiple Myeloma and there are a few things I wanted to share.

“First, I feel great and my prognosis is good. I have great support with an amazing medical team, an incredible wife and family, and amazing friends and colleagues.

“Second, my condition was discovered during an annual physical, which I’ve had done for more than 25 years. Early detection is critical and I encourage all of you to get annual physicals–cancer does not discriminate and it will hide if you let it.

And he also noted that he’s planning on continuing to perform his broadcasting duties:

“I’m looking forward to enjoying another incredible and exciting college football season with all of you. See you Week 1 in Nashville.”

This is just unfortunate. ESPN’s John Saunders passed away last week, and Stuart Scott passed away in 2015 after his own lengthy battle with cancer. Turner’s Craig Sager is also battling a form of the disease, and he gave a wonderful, moving speech at the ESPY’s in July.

Hopefully Gilmore’s treatment goes well, and we can enjoy him in the booth for years to come.


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