The Ole Miss-Mississippi State Egg Bowl is as an underrated Thanksgiving tradition in its own right. Not because the game is normally a thriller between two excellent teams, but because often it’s not that!This year’s edition, for example, features a rebuilding (and thanks to sanctions, postseason-ineligible) Ole Miss taking on a decent-but-unspectacular Mississippi State squad. An exciting game is not why we’re here, though, because Ole Miss is getting blown out. But at the end of the third quarter, a fight broke out after what was originally ruled a touchdown:

The very best part, though, was how the officials handed the aftermath:

“Unsportsmanlike conduct on all players from both teams.”

That now rivals “Giving him the business” for the best referee penalty explanation.The next best part: the play didn’t even end up counting. Upon review, officials determined the game clock had expired before the snap. It’s perhaps the most existentially representative moment in the Egg Bowl’s history.

We don’t deserve the Egg Bowl.

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