On Friday, we wrote about the news that Dick Vitale had been medically cleared to return to courtside action for Sunday’s Baylor-Villanova matchup in Waco.

Vitale, currently undergoing treatment for lymphoma, tweeted the news himself, which we hailed as a legitimately positive development in a world that could always use more of those.

Yesterday, Vitale was indeed in the building as defending national champ (and new #1 team) Baylor completely stifled Villanova, 57-36. But while the game itself may not have been a thriller, it was undeniably awesome to see Vitale alongside Boog Sciambi at courtside for a big game. Vitale is just so clearly linked to the game, and has built up decades worth of goodwill from fans all over. If he’s in the building, it’s a big night.

The Waco crowd gave Vitale a standing ovation at one point, which moved Vitale to tears almost immediately.

Vitale tweeted about the scene later, going so far as to apologize for getting so emotional, which has to rank as one of the least necessary apologies in the history of apologies:

Vitale is one of those broadcasters that is truly ingrained with the sport they cover. There aren’t many. That he could be in the building and get that moment after all he’s gone through is absolutely lovely. Hopefully there are many more ovations to come. And hopefully he gets to call some closer games this year, too.

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