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It’s not particularly a great time to bring up Adolph Hitler, but one college baseball announcer’s slip of the tongue during an Ole Miss-Jacksonville State game on Tuesday night provided a good laugh for ESPN+ and social media audiences.

JSU pulled off an epic upset, defeating the defending national champion Rebels 10-6 on Tuesday. However, back in the sixth inning, the outcome of the game was still very up in the air. The Gamecocks led 6-5 but Ole Miss’s designated hitter had just stepped to the plate with a chance to even things up.

Or, according to play-by-play announcer Logan Maddox, it was something even more terrifying. Their “designated Hitler.”

Kudos to Maddox, who is Jacksonville State’s assistant SID, for catching himself and throwing in a quick “sorry about that, folks” so we could have a laugh about it and not have to wonder if we were about the witness another wild announcer meltdown.

Maddox also acknowledged the gaffe on Twitter later on.

Plenty of folks around the sports world also had some fun with the misstep, which probably happened because he was trying to say “designated hitter looking” but everything got all jumbled in the excitement of the moment.


We’re a bit surprised this kind of snafu hasn’t happened more often, to be honest.

[Logan Maddox, Stephen Schoch]

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