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Amid talk over the past year or two about potentially expanding the College Football Playoff, the powers that be in the CFB world will keep the status quo. At least for now.

Revealing to ESPN on Friday, CFP executive director Bill Hancock said that the College Football Playoff will remain at four teams through the end of its current contract, which is set to end after the 2025 season.

Tbe reason they are not expanding for now is mainly that the 10 FBS commissioners (and Notre Dame’s AD Jack Swarbrick) were unable to come to a “unanimous agreement” with a 12-team proposal that was announced last June.

The specifics of that proposal wasn’t exactly divulged but an increase of teams would’ve no doubt resulted in automatic bids for the conference champions in the major conferences.

While expansion isn’t in the cards for at least a few more years, expansion is inevitable. It’s noted that the 10 conferences and Notre Dame are leaving behind a potential $450 million in revenue so while an expansion agreement couldn’t be made now, they’re not leaving that kind of money on the table for long.

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