ESPN College Football

If you’ve noticed a plethora of college football gametime announcements today and you’re wondering (not without justification) what is happening, well, it’s the magical day where networks/conferences/etc. release the schedules as they’re currently known.

ESPN went all-in on various releases today, for example.

They also did the same for their various league-affiliated networks, ranging from the important:

To the sort of important:

To the lol:

Big Ten Network also dropped schedule info:

We also got the ESPN Events calendar, with bowl info and a few early season matchups:

And then, finally, if you’re in the mood at the end of May to start planning out your winter background sports content habits:

College football, like the NFL, is turning into a year-round sport. From headline-grabbing days like Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher’s back-and-forth to networks rolling out massive lists of game start times months in advance, there’s no real downtime anymore.

This is clearly by design (well, maybe not Saban and Jimbo); remaining the main topic for sports talk and grabbing social engagements during a time of year when they would otherwise be ceding space to leagues like the NBA and NHL is a net gain for everyone with a financial interest in college football’s sustained success.

It’s almost like it’s a professional sport in every single way except the one where players are fairly compensated for the revenue they’re generating.

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