Charles Barkley

For those of you who actually watched CBS’s NCAA Tournament selection show on Sunday, Charles Barkley struggling with the touchscreen was easily the most memorable part of the two-hour trainwreck. If you did not tune in, ratings show you were not alone, so here’s a reminder of Barkley struggling with technology.

To his credit, Barkley was a good sport about the on-air teasing he received for fumbling through the segment.

On Tuesday’s Dan Patrick Show Barkley called in to open up about the traumatic experience.

The most surprising fact from the interview is that Barkley admits to practicing with the touchscreen before Sunday’s debacle.

“We practiced a little bit. They say ”touch it’, and you touch it and it moves right away. I’m not going crazy over it.”

He also admits getting the particulars of the touchscreen down was not necessarily a priority.

“I’m like dude. You all are making this really hard. It’s just basketball. We’re not saving the world.”

Barkley’s blundering ultimately made an otherwise slog of a show entertaining for a few minutes, so CBS might want to consider making the technology even less user friendly for next year’s show.

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