Charles Barkley and Nick Saban had a lengthy discussion about sports, their storied careers, and lives for The conversation quickly turned to golf.

Barkley discussed his disdain for the sport.

The former NBA forward, who has perhaps the wonkiest golf shot in America, told Saban the only good thing about the sport was “drinking and smoking.”

“I don’t like talking about golf. Golf is not my favorite. The only thing good about golf is drinking and smoking.”

Barkley even challenged Saban, telling the Alabama head coach if he could fix his golf game, he’d put up a statue of Saban at his house in Arizona.

“If you could fix my golf game, I’d put a statue of you at my house. I’ve tried everything to fix my golf game and nothing seems to work. But if you, as great a coach as you are, could fix my golf game, any time you come to Arizona, there’ll be a statue of you outside of my house.”

That’s a tall task. Barkley’s swing seems broken beyond repair.

Interestingly, Barkley also talked about how sports figures are perceived. He told Saban that he perceived him as a “master griller,” to which the 64-year-old said his wife gets mad at him because he doesn’t like to cook on a grill, much to Barkley’s surprise. So, there’s the answer to that mystery.

The two talk about much more serious issues, including punishment for college players. The video is worth watching.

There seems to be a tradeoff here. Saban can help Barkley fix his golf game, while Barkley can help Saban fix his grilling skills. Then, perhaps they can hold a golf tournament with Saban-grilled steaks. Sound like a fair deal?

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