Bill Murray has made a habit of popping up in unexpected places to do whatever he wants to do.

That’s sort of the privilege that comes with being Bill Murray. These are often sports-adjacent, too; his annual appearance at Pebble Beach, his infamous appearances at Bears-Packers contests, various Wrigley Field shenanigans.

Today he popped up at UMass-Army, and when CBS Sports Network tossed it down to Tina Cervasio with Murray on the Army sideline, viewers pretty much got two straight minutes of Murray doing Murray things.

Murray asking a confused cadet (who was almost certainly a toddler at most when Lost in Translation came out in 2003) if he can get into the huddle was fun. This did beat the time Murray called in via video chat during the pandemic with his camera purposefully tilted askew for the entire interview.

So, hey, if you were tuned in for UMass-Army, getting a few minutes of Murray was probably a solid surprise, all things considered. The game itself certainly wasn’t a thriller on its own, with Army winning 33-17 over the one-win Minutemen. Considering that, surprise Bill Murray was almost certainly a net positive for the broadcast.

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