This week on the Awful Announcing podcast, ESPN’s Maria Taylor joins host Ben Heisler.

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Taylor and Heisler chatted about a number of topics, including her new contract with the company, her new role on Get Up, the culture of the SEC, the 2018 college football season, and much more.

  • On her new deal/going from volleyball & women’s basketball to everything she’s doing in just four years (2:17)
  • How she’d love to do something the NBA as part of all the work she’s doing (3:44)
  • How she once considered a career in medicine (5:33)
  • Her first ever broadcast (6:30)
  • The Taylor Rowe’d Trip with Holly Rowe (9:48)
  • The best way to describe SEC Football & SEC Football Culture (12:06)
  • The study that 45% of CFB fans are female (roughly 74 million fans) (15:43)
  • What could college football and/or the NCAA fix – welfare of the student athletes / future of athletes being paid (19:08)
  • Her new opportunity with Get Up (22:25)
  • How she’ll handle giving strong opinions on subjects that she also happens to cover (used Ohio State as an example) (23:52)
  • Her ultimate goal of being on Good Morning America (25:40)
  • Who she would take in College Fantasy Football in Week 1 (28:13)

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