LEGOs NCAA highlights

We’ve seen plenty of sports outlets getting creative when they don’t have the rights to show highlights, from a Florida ABC anchor recreating a 2014 Gators’ NCAA Tournament game with a Nerf backboard to a Louisville Fox affiliate using NES game Double Dribble for highlights that same year. This is a big issue during the NCAA tournament, as CBS only provides same-day highlights to their own affiliates, forcing those who work for Fox, ABC or NBC affiliates to find other solutions. Eric Alvarez of Fox 17 Nashville took the creative alternative highlights to another level this year, using LEGOs to recreate some NCAA tournament highlights:

Well played, Eric, well played. This is some quality usage of LEGOs, even if he says he just found them on his desk. The use of Batman and Superman is particularly apt, especially given the success of The LEGO Batman Movie. And digging up that duck to represent Oregon is also impressive. The “dramatization” on the screen also helps sell this. Nicely done.

[For The Win]

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