Miami pulled the upset over Pitt today, 38-34.

They might not have done it without a key first down conversion late in the fourth quarter, with the Hurricanes passing out of their own end zone. It was a huge play, and fans of both teams would have probably loved to watch it. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the ACC Network production had other ideas.

Yeah, that’s not great! Obviously it’s just a missed cutaway, but it’s wild watching it play out. You can hear people in living rooms up and down the East Coast screaming at the television in frustration, can’t you? Not having a replay immediately certainly added to that viewer anger, too.

In the end, Miami converting there from their own end zone led to a game-killing drive; Pitt never had the ball again.

This kind of thing happens, of course, and it wasn’t malicious. It was, however, as poorly timed as possible.

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