Gene Steratore serves as the rules analyst for CBS football broadcasts, and he’s continuing in that role for CBS and Turner’s March Madness coverage. This is a logical move, as in addition to Steratore’s decade-plus experience as an NFL referee, he also officiated men’s college basketball games, working in the Big Ten and other leagues and officiating in the NCAA tournament.

Steratore has also been a heavy presence today thanks to college basketball’s many, many replay reviews. He’s been solid overall, too, explaining things quickly and clearly, without being afraid to disagree with the in-game officials.

Some viewers tuning in for March Madness, though, apparently only knew Steratore as an NFL guy, a perhaps predictable situation that led to some amusing tweets.

As for his work itself, it drew mostly positive reviews from an admittedly small Twitter sampling:

Although the length of the day (and, again, the way college basketball’s constant reliance on replay reviews demanded his omnipresence) did seem to wear on Steratore:

Steratore better rest up as he has a long day again tomorrow ahead of a full weekend. He’ll be working across all the networks until the Final Four, when he’ll be on-site in Minneapolis to work with Jim Nantz, Grant Hill, and Bill Raftery. And if today’s games (and really, the entirety of the college basketball season) are anything to go by, we’ll be hearing a lot more of Steratore while we watch the same replays over and over again.

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