Chiefs' TE Travis Kelce hosting SNL. Chiefs’ TE Travis Kelce hosting SNL.

There have been plenty of journeys into the media realm from Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce over the years, including his Catching Kelce E! dating show and his recent New Heights Wave Sports + Entertainment podcast with brother Jason. His latest venture there saw him hosting NBC’s Saturday Night Live this week. And his opening monologue there included a shoutout to Jason and his parents (who were in the crowd), but also clips and roastings of his “More, more, more” in-game comments (1:15), an impersonation of Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes doing the same (1:30), and, perhaps most notably, a roasting of Catching Kelce (3:37):

Some of the Catching Kelce comments there:

“It was kind of like The Bachelor, except instead of roses, I handed out footballs, and instead of watching, people did not.”

“That show was owned by NBCUniversal, so it should be on Peacock. But Peacock said ‘Nah, we good.'”

It is quite funny to hear Kelce roasting his own reality show. And this whole monologue was pretty good, including the discussion of Jason and the cuts to him in the crowd. Kelce also appeared in some other notable sketches Saturday, including “Straight Male Friend”:

And “Mama’s Funeral”:

There was also this cut for time (but posted digitally) NFL Cares ad parody of Kelce “lifting women whose boyfriends can’t pick them up”:

This SNL appearance will probably just add to the Kelce media empire. That empire currently includes New Heights, its associated merch lines, and much more. We’ll see where things go for Kelce from here.

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