Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift NBC led Sunday Night Football with an intro featuring Carson Daly, who provided context to potentially new viewers, likely Taylor Swift fans, before Sunday night’s game between the Chiefs and Jets. Credit: NBC Sports

Going into this week’s ‘Sunday Night Football‘ game, you just had to know that there was going to be a theme. If you’ve been living under a rock, Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce is dating pop music megastar Taylor Swift. The relationship has already made headlines almost everywhere, and Fox jumped right on the train last week. So did the NFL, as you might have seen shouting, “Let’s F***ing Go!” several times within the previous week.

Going into the year, everyone had the Chiefs’ SNF matchup with the New York Jets circled on their calendars. Though, for an entirely different reason than the fledgling ‘Swelce’ romance. Multi-time NFL MVPs were set to duel, with Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers expected to head each team. But after just a few plays in the opener, Rodgers’ season was lost. The superstar quarterback suffered a severe Achilles injury, putting the rest of the season in the bin. Nobody could have foreseen Swift and Kelce — though probably, in many cases, just Swift — being a key reason viewers would tune in.

NBC decided to change things up for this week’s game due to the ongoing relationship. Carson Daly and the cast of ‘The Voice’ welcomed viewers, especially Swifties, to the broadcast. They went on to provide context on the matchup between the two teams, featuring a few Taylor lines, featuring Daly and Voice cast members.

In the defense of everyone who might actually be tuning in for the first time: The video accomplished its job. Daly provided enough context on both the Chiefs and the Jets. You won’t expect hard-hitting analysis, especially not from Carson Daly. But it was done well enough for the situation. And, of course, it featured a slew of Taylor puns and linkbacks to her music.

So, what you might think of it? Fair. But it did its job. So it goes.

For the audience who wasn’t tuning in for the first time? The video may come off a bit patronizing. Sure. It is certainly ridiculous. Most SNF viewers already know the game by now. Probably by a lot! And many have probably already tapped out of the deal on Swift and Kelce. But given the current climate, it’s fair to expect ridiculousness at the door nowadays. But when you’re dealing with a star on the level of Taylor, someone who’s invaded pop culture on the level she has?

Well. You’ll take your lumps through the absurdity sometimes.

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