NBC Sports NFL analyst Peter King appeared on The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday, and had his interview interrupted by a police officer.

King was pulled over for talking on a cell phone during his interview with Dan Patrick, and had to hang up “because the cop is coming to the car.” The longtime NFL writer and Patrick were in the middle of a conversation about the Dallas Cowboys (specifically the Ezekiel Elliott holdout), when the incident took place.

Dan Patrick: “You know, Jerry (Jones) desperately wants to win a Super Bowl, and I can’t imagine he would jeopardize that. Because this seems like maybe the best Cowboy team we’ve seen in a while. Would you agree with that?”

Peter King: “I think it is too. Hey, Dan, guess what? This is hilarious, I got stopped for talking on a cell phone because I’m talking to you. So now I have to hang up because the cop is coming to the car. Sorry about that.”

Dan Patrick: “Do you want me to talk to the police officer? Oh no…”

Todd Fritz (producer): “He just hung up.”

King later returned to the show to continue the interview, and informed Patrick that he received a ticket. King also informed Patrick that Mike and Mike no longer exists.

Dan Patrick: “Peter, we have a bet whether or you got a ticket or not… did you get a ticket?

Peter King: “Of course I got a ticket! I said to the cop, ‘I’m on with Dan Patrick,’ and he said, ‘Here’s your ticket.’ That was fun. As I said to Fritzy, ‘It’s a good thing I’m fabulously wealthy.'”

Dan Patrick: “You should have said you were on with ‘Mike and Mike’ or something like that.”

Peter King: ‘Mike and Mike’ don’t exist anymore. Come on, you’re so square. You’re square.”

Dan Patrick: I am. ‘Mike and Trey’, or ‘Golic and Wingo’… there- ‘Golic and Wingo’. That’s it.

[The Dan Patrick Show]

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