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Ever since NBC bought the rights to show the Premier League, they have dedicated themselves to showing all ten games on the final day of the Premier League season. The Premier League, like most soccer leagues around the world, have every game on the final day of the season kick off at the same time in order to avoid anyone having an advantage knowing what they need to do to finish where they want to be. It’s usually an incredibly important day that could bring some intense drama to finish out the season.

Since NBC doesn’t have ten sports networks to put all the games on, they have to outsource their games to the other NBC/Comcast owned networks. That’s why there were games on Syfy, MSNBC, Bravo, E! and Oxygen, among other networks. All but Golf Channel, who previously showed Stanley Cup Playoff hockey, had a Premier League game.

This didn’t sit well with the notable viewers looking to start their Mother’s Day Sunday with housewives or the news or a sci-fi movie. In a non-Masters tradition unlike any other, the people took to social media and aired their grievances/confusion about why soccer is on a bunch of non-sports channels.

The most vocal of this group were the people who missed out on MSNBC and AM Joy with Joy Reid along with Meet the Press on NBC. Despite cable news being a thing 24/7, there were still people who had a major problem that soccer took out a couple hours of news time.

Some people theorized that because it was Mother’s Day, that AM Joy host Joy Reid got the day off and MSNBC showed soccer instead. That’s a nice way to look on the bright side but that was merely a coincidence.

There weren’t as many tweets about the other networks but there were a sizable amount from the Syfy/E!/Bravo/Oxygen crowd. They weren’t at all pleased as well.

This happens every year and it’s gotten to the point where many soccer fans get a good chuckle about it. No doubt, soccer fans get angry when games are preempted for something else and many act a lot like these people, so it’s not like soccer fans are any better. I guess it’s just amusing for soccer fans to see it happen the other way around once a year.

FYI: This will happen again May 19 next year so if you don’t prefer watching soccer, I recommend planning another activity that morning because NBC is going to do this again.

[Photo: @NBCSN]

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