After a bad game, Nick Castellanos had a testy exchange with a reporter in the clubhouse.

The Philadelphia Phillies did not bounce back from Friday’s embarrassing loss to the Chicago Cubs on Saturday. Philadelphia was defeated 6-2, ensuring a series loss to a non-contending team to start the second half of the season. Nick Castellanos struggled in the defeat, going 0-for-4 with a strikeout. When the game was over, Castellanos had a testy exchange with a reporter.

In the Philadelphia clubhouse following the game, Castellanos was asked by Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports Philadelphia if he had heard the home fans booing him. Castellanos initially responded with sarcasm, saying “Nah, man, I lost my hearing” before saying, “Come on, man, that’s a stupid question.”

Salisbury pressed on, though, asking why it was a stupid question. That prompted Castellanos to turn to the other reporters gathered, asking if any of them could tell Salisbury why his question was stupid. Then things got contentious.

This is a situation where nobody looks good in any way.

Castellanos was correct. Asking if he heard the booing was stupid. Had Salisbury asked what he would say to the fans that were booing Castellanos or even what he thought of the boos, that would be one thing. But “did you hear the boos” has such an obvious response. Additionally, it’s only a one-word answer either way.

On the other hand, Castellanos probably could have handled it better. He’s a veteran player and this is certainly not the first time that he’s heard a stupid question. There was a better way to handle this. And once Castellanos did react that way, Salisbury was out of line in pressing him further.

On balance, Salisbury looks worse in this exchange. But neither man was at his best here. Reporters don’t work for teams and players don’t work for reporters. That said, they do work together and as such, should have more professional dealings. This was anything but professional.

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