We’re just under two years out from the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics, so why not watch some new Olympics-related content?

This week, NBC announced the launch of Chasing Gold: Paris 2024, a new monthly show “that will immerse viewers in the world of the Olympic and Paralympic athletes as they prepare for the next Summer Games.”

The first episode, hosted by Mike Tirico and Maria Taylor, premieres this Sunday, September 18th, at 2:30 PM ET on NBC.

Here’s more from NBC’s release.

Chasing Gold: Paris 2024 will combine enhanced looks of captivating competition with powerful storytelling to showcase world-class athletes pursuing their Olympic and Paralympic dreams in the years and months before the Games take place. Hosted by NBC Sports commentators, including Mike Tirico and Maria Taylor, Chasing Gold: Paris 2024 will also spotlight the spectacle of the host city and engage in new ways of celebrating Olympic and Paralympic history.

“As we look ahead to Paris 2024 – which promises to be one of the most spectacular Games in recent memory – we want to connect viewers to these amazing athletes and their journeys on a year-round basis,” said Molly Solomon, Executive Producer, NBC Olympics and Paralympics. “The 2024 Games will not only feature the iconic backdrop of Paris and its venues set in some of the city’s most recognizable locations, but also stadiums filled once again with passionate fans from all over the world cheering on their heroes. Chasing Gold is one more way we are honoring our unwavering commitment to covering the athletes and stories of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

The day after its NBC premiere, Chasing Gold: Paris 2024 will be available on Peacock.

It seems a little early to launch this show (we’re 22 months away from the Paris Olympics), but hey, I’m sure Olympics fans will be thrilled by it.

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