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It’s the Super Bowl and that means a new scorebug and graphics package for the broadcaster who’s showing the game. CBS and Fox did this the past couple years and now that NBC has the game this year, they’re replacing the package that originally debuted in 2018, the last time NBC had the Super Bowl.

NBC’s old scorebug was not obtrusive but it did fill most of the bottom of the screen. The important thing was that it cleanly showed all the info a viewer would reasonably want to know.

NBC’s new scorebug was originally leaked on Friday but we now have a chance to see their bug and graphics package in HD. As you can see, it’s a bit of a mix of Fox’s and CBS’ current scorebugs. It’s similar to Fox in that it’s more centered but yet keeps the team initials like the one from CBS.

The down and distance info comes down below on the side of the team with the ball and the scorebug can smoothly move to the side when there is some sort of stat inserted on the broadcast. Compared to the old scorebug, there is less space that’s taken and NBC has all the info a viewer needs. All in all, it looks pretty good.

[Photo: @fangsbites]

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