Jalen Hurts on Sunday Night Football

The most memorable moment of Sunday Night Football wasn’t Jalen Hurts’ dominant performance, Aaron Rodgers’ injury or even Jordan Love bursting onto the scene with a touchdown pass. It was Cris Collinsworth’s explanation of the double-cheek push.

During the fourth quarter of the Philadelphia EaglesSunday Night Football victory over the Green Bay Packers, Hurts ran a quarterback sneak on 4th-and-2, and as he pushed forward, he received some extra assistance from behind.

Collinsworth eloquently described the support for Philly’s quarterback as the “double-cheek push,” a reference that garnered a snicker out of NBC’s Sunday Night Football play-by-play voice Mike Tirico.

“This is a double-cheek push here,” Collinsworth said as the replay showed Hurts’ teammates pressing their hands firmly on each cheek. “Now, when he goes off that way, sometimes you only get a single cheek. But that’s what they do. They submarine underneath, and then they try to get the double-cheek push going, and it works all the time.”

“You didn’t do that did you?” Tirico asked his broadcast partner with a chuckle. “Did you have to give it to all of America?”

“Yes,” Collinsworth responded definitively.

The analysis by Collinsworth was solid, but it was Tirico’s snicker that made this a post-worthy clip. Even polished and prominent play-by-play announcers can’t keep from laughing at a butt reference on national television. At least this was a little more PG than what Collinsworth said on an Eagles’ broadcast last month.

Philly’s double-cheek push helped propel them to their 10th win of the season with a 40-33 victory over Green Bay, who watched Rodgers exit the game early with a rib injury.


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