Mike Milbury hasn’t been on NHL coverage since this summer, when he stepped away after the fallout from his on-air comments about women. Now he’s officially done at NBC Sports; the network announced today that he won’t be back after 14 years of covering hockey.

From our post in August:

On Friday, the NHL released a brief statement saying that the league “condemns the insensitive and insulting comment” made by NHL on NBC analyst Mike Milbury during Thursday night’s Islanders-Capitals game. This has now led to Milbury stepping away from NBC’s coverage for the remainder of this year’s playoffs.

Milbury made his comment near the end of the game on Thursday night. When talking about the NHL’s bubble and the focus players have on playing games, Milbury said, “it’s the perfect place. Not even any woman here to distract you.”

The NHL condemned the comments then:

They live on here, too:

It’s not Milbury’s only issue, either:

This news came today when NBC revealed their roster of analysts for their upcoming coverage of the ongoing season:

Mike Babc0ck is a new addition.

The writing was on the wall for Milbury for months now, but the official confirmation is the latest example that sports broadcasts are finally trying to excise casual misogyny. That’s certainly a welcome move.

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