Most viewers tuned into NBC on Sunday night saw the Detroit Lions win their first playoff game in over 30 years, defeating the Los Angeles Rams.

Viewers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex saw most of the game. In fact, they saw nearly all of the game. They just didn’t get to see the ending.

As Jared Goff and the rest of the Lions offense approached the line of scrimmage for the final snaps of the game, KXAS, the Metroplex’s NBC affiliate, cut away for a weather update.

When the feed returned to Ford Field in Detroit, the game was over. Players and coaches from the two teams were on the field, shaking hands.

Of course, all of this triggers one natural question. Just what in the heck happened?

While the update was about severe weather in the Metroplex, that really had nothing to do with it. Rick Mitchell, KXAS’s meteorologist whom the game broadcast cut away to, explained the mishap on Twitter/X.

“A cut in that was supposed to only be on our digital channel ended up covering the end of Sunday Night Football. I want to apologize for this mess up. It was not our intention to ruin the end of the game for you. Many of you are pissed and I don’t blame you. I’m angry too.”

Mistakes like that can (and certainly do) happen. The timing on this one was particularly bad.

Fortunately, this was not a Heidi Game situation. The Lions had already sealed victory on the play before. Three kneel-downs were all that remained. But given how long it’s been since the Lions hosted a playoff game (30 years) or won a playoff game (32 years), the scene was more emotional than victory formation normally is, which was reflected in Mike Tirico’s call the game’s final snap.

[Photo Credit: KXAS]

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