NBC's curling feed cut to this graphic in the 10th end of a gold-medal game.

Sports events that run longer than expected often create some issues for networks, perhaps especially so with international events where they’re expecting a feed to end at a certain time. That happened with the international Grey Cup feed crashing in the fourth quarter on ESPN2 in November 2016 (although they fortunately got it back before the game ended), and it happened Sunday night with the NBC Sports streaming feed of the women’s world curling championships’ gold-medal game cutting out in the 10th end. (The Canadian rink led by Jennifer Jones would go on to win 7-6 over the Swedish rink led by Anna Hasselborg, which claimed Olympic gold last month, in the 11th end.)

Here’s a look at what happened, from a poster on Reddit’s curling subreddit (language warning for that link):

This led to a whole lot of people yelling at NBCSN (which was airing the match on TV) on Twitter:

With that Grey Cup cutaway, AA was told the issue was ESPN programming the feed in advance to end at a certain time, and it seems likely something similar happened here. It’s along the lines of someone trying to record a game on a DVR without adding extra time to the end. But it’s certainly much more annoying on a wide scale when this happens to a broadcaster, especially during a championship game. NBC found a way to annoy a lot of curling fans Sunday night, and you don’t want to mess with curling fans. After all, they’re known for throwing stones.


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