Cris Collinsworth and Mike Tirico look for Collinsworth's Telestrator pen During Sunday Night Football, announcer Cris Collinsworth lost his telestrator pen, apparently throwing it in excitement.

The AFC North clash between the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens on NBC’s Sunday Night Football was a dramatic contest that saw the Ravens win on a field goal from Justin Tucker as time expired. It also featured a moment between announcers Mike Tirico and Cris Collinsworth and fans sitting near their broadcast booth at Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium that can only be described as M&T Bank Stadium that can best be described as bizarre.

Shortly before NBC was headed to a commercial break at the end of the third quarter, Tirico said, “Hey, down there, can you get me Cris’ pen that he threw?” Tirico then said that he’d “get to it during the break.”

But when they came back from the commercial break, the pen had not yet been retrieved. Then, in a sentence you’re probably not going to hear very often — particularly on network television — Collinsworth said, “I thought I landed it right in that guy’s hair but he said ‘no.'”

This begs a question. What in the world was Collinsworth doing throwing his telestrator pen? It’s hard enough to imagine a rookie broadcaster doing this, let alone someone with decades of experience in the booth?

Eventually, the pen was retrieved. When the game was over, Collinsworth not only gave the fan an autograph but also gave him the pen.

So, as strange as this was, we suppose all’s well that ends well.

[Photo Credit: NBC]

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