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Bill Walton was an analyst for NBC throughout the 90s when they had the rights to the NBA. Over two decades later, Walton “returned” to the network last night to be on Saturday Night Live.

Okay, Walton wasn’t on SNL, but James Austin Johnson impersonated the legendary player and commentator on Weekend Update. When asked if the Los Angeles Lakers would make the playoffs, Walton didn’t really answer the question due to him going on one of this far out tangents. As well as calling a game that wasn’t actually happening.

It’s a great impersonation, though I’m left wondering what a non-sports fan thought about this.

Love him or hate him, everyone reading this site knows who Bill Walton is and knows what he’s all about. Many people who watch SNL don’t watch sports and this might be their first taste of Walton.

Imagine what they might think of him after seeing this. Someone who seems to be very high, speaking in a way that toes the line between lunatic and genius, sporting a tye-dye shirt and ranting about anything and everything other than the game he’s actually supposed to be talking about.

Actually, come to think of it, that pretty much describes Bill Walton.

[Saturday Night Live]

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