Well, consider us intrigued. On Tuesday, Deadline (among others) reported that NBC’s Peacock had ordered 13 episodes of a Frogger obstacle course style game show.

Here’s how Deadline described what the Frogger show will look like.

The series will feature 12 obstacle courses, or crossings, seeing contestants dodging traffic, leaping over snapping gators and hopping over hungry hippos to conquer the course and win a cash prize.

The series was ordered from Eureka Productions, the developer of ABC’s Holey Moley, which received an order of two more seasons this week.

If you have no idea what Frogger is, you’re way younger than me. Also, here’s a video of the 40-year old game in action.

Essentially, it’s the perfect type of video game to get adapted into a game show. Cartoonish violence that can be replicated with safer materials? A clear goal? An event that can be timed? Hell yeah, let’s do it.

I imagine this will look like something like Wipeout, and there’s nothing wrong with that (assuming safety is a priority).


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