Charles Barkley is at it again.

During TNT’s broadcast of the Atlanta Hawks 123-98 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals on Wednesday night, Barkley wasn’t impressed with the Cavaliers gunning three-pointers in a blowout. Barkley said the Hawks should “take somebody out.”

Barkley’s fellow panelists weren’t impressed with Barkley’s phrasing.

Charles: “The Atlanta Hawks got to take somebody out Ernie. Let me tell you something.”

Smith: “When you say take them out, what do you mean?”

Ernie: “Touch him up or take em out?”

Charles: “No, TAKE em OUT.”

Shaq: “Oh man, you can’t say that on national TV.”

Charles: “Yes I can.”

Shaq: “Just say touch em up. You can’t hurt nobody Chuck.”

Charles: You’re not trying to hurt em.”

Shaq: “Take em out means hurt them.”

Charles” You got to take somebody out.”

Barkley continued, saying when a team tries to set records during a blowout, you have to do something about it. Smith openly questioned why the Cavs couldn’t go for the record and Barkley responded by repeating himself that he’d still take them out if they were shooting threes. Barkley unsurprisingly admitted he doesn’t care if America thinks he’s wrong.

Former New York Knicks All-Star Charles Oakley didn’t agree with Barkley’s remarks, calling out the analyst for “talking shit.”

I understand what Barkley is trying to say: When you’re getting stomped in the NBA playoffs and an opposing team is jacking threes trying to break a record, you have to send a message by playing physically. But the way Barkley phrased it was completely wrong and made it sound like he meant seriously injure someone.

Thankfully, the Hawks didn’t take anybody out despite the Cavaliers breaking the NBA playoff record for most three-pointers in a game with 25.

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