Among many other things he produces for The Ringer, Kevin Clark has a video series entitled Slow News Day.

In the world of sports media today has absolutely been a slow news day, so it’s fitting that we’re turning to Clark mounting a random Twitter campaign as newsworthy. But what a random Twitter campaign it’s been! Clark unearthed the original Orlando Magic theme song, from the team’s expansion year in 1989. It’s everything you could possibly have hoped for when you hear the phrase “1989 Orlando Magic theme song” too.

The word “perfect” gets thrown around too loosely, but this video might actually qualify. It’s an impossibly evocative time capsule. As Clark’s tweet spread, the Magic’s Twitter account took notice, offering the kind of social media engagement trade that led that one guy to get free Wendy’s nuggets. (Unlike that infamous exchange, though, this one was mercifully less thirsty all around.)

It took less than 15 minutes.

The Magic then set a higher target for much greater reward:

They haven’t gotten there yet, but there’s still time. Meanwhile, Clark was deep in the razzamatazz rabbit hole, unearthing a delightful interview clip with the original songwriter.

“Yeah, well, you know Jack Daniel’s will do a lot for you.” 

Thank you, Kevin Clark. The Internet (and at least one Magic home game) is a better place for having this song returned to prominence. This also certainly proves Clark is the perfect person to host a show called Slow News Day.

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