If you didn’t stay up until well after midnight Eastern last night, you likely missed one of the weirder NBA games of the year.

In Los Angeles at the Crypt, the Indiana Pacers took down the Lakers, 111-104, thanks to a 30-point game from Caris LeVert and a Domantas Sabonis triple-double. Considering the Pacers are just 16-29 and had won only three road games all year prior to that win, it was not a fun time to be a Lakers player, fan, or (perhaps especially) a team legend-turned-postgame analyst.

Look what this loss did to poor James Worthy:

Someone please reboot the Hall of Famer! The Lakers have obviously had a weird, rough start to the season, but last night’s loss may have been a nadir. There was an immediate report that Frank Vogel wouldn’t be fired and would travel with the team to Orlando, but once a situation has devolved into “We need to give the coach a vote of confidence on a game-by-game basis” it usually isn’t long until that coach ends up fired.

For Worthy, the team’s struggles have made for a long season. Here he was back at the end of November after a triple-overtime loss to the Kings, for example:

As someone who isn’t a Lakers fan, it’s hard to feel too upset about them struggling this year. But for the sake of James Worthy, please get it together, LA. Or just let the man go home! He won three rings there, don’t make him sit through Carmelo’s attempts at defense!

The Lakers are back in action against the Magic on Friday. If they lose that one too we’ll have to see how Worthy takes it.

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