LeBron James in a Feb. 27 game against the Pelicans.

There are a whole lot of unusual things teams do around announcing losses on social media. Sometimes, the team account simply goes off the air entirely, as with the Tennessee and Georgia football Twitter accounts around 2019 losses. Other times, teams turn off replies on loss tweets, and get mocked for that. Some have even gone to posting “Just Google it” instead of the final score, as the Edmonton Oilers did Saturday. But what the Los Angeles Lakers are doing is a little more subtle. As per a tweet Kenny Beecham posted Sunday night after the Lakers’ loss to the New Orleans Pelicans, the @Lakers account hasn’t used a photo of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, or Russell Westbrook for a final score tweet in any of their 43 losses this season:

The funniest part of that may be who the Lakers have featured in those loss tweets, with Malik Monk coming in an incredible 10 times despite playing just 27.7 minutes per game (well behind all three of James, Davis, and Westbrook). Here’s a screengrab of Beecham’s graph on that:

How many times the Lakers have featured players in loss graphic tweets.

As Beecham goes on to note, there’s a different group of players, especially James and Westbrook, featured in winning score graphics:




Tweets after Lakers' wins.

Poor Davis, there for plenty of wins, but featured less than Monk and Carmelo Anthony in the final graphics. That just adds to the trolling he’s received recently.

At any rate, this is a pretty funny discrepancy in what players are featured in the Lakers’ final score tweets. And there has to be at least some level of intention to it. It’s certainly not for a lack of pictures of LeBron looking sad, as those are widely available. That includes the one seen at top, from a 123-95 home loss to the Pelicans on Feb. 27.

[Kenny Beacham on Twitter]

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