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As Kyrie Irving doubled down on using his social media platform to amplify a film filled with antisemitism, Stephen A. Smith realized the NBA star believes we can’t understand his level of intellect.

Last week, Irving shared a linked a 2018 movie titled Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America to his large social media following. The film is based on a 2014 book that has been heavily criticized for being filled with antisemitic disinformation. But as ESPN’s Nick Friedell questioned the tweet, Irving attempted to play the victim and the Brooklyn Nets have since chosen to hide their All-Star point guard from the media.

“Kyrie literally doesn’t mean harm to anybody,” Smith said Wednesday morning on First Take. “That’s not his problem. His problem is that his intellect far exceeds the rest of ours. See, we’re all peons. His level of intellect is so far and above the rest of us that we can’t possibly comprehend what he is articulating and disseminating,” he added sarcastically.

Smith proceeded to reenact the arrogance Irving displayed toward the media during his Saturday night press conference.

“If you just listen to him, Nick Friedell,” Smith continued. “This is Kyrie Irving, ‘Just listen to me, you’re asking questions, but you’re not comprehending. You’re not listening. All you want to do is do something to create clickbait’ or whatever it was that he was saying to Nick Friedell. We’re not absorbing the brilliance of him.”

Irving posted something controversial and offensive for the public to see, but when it wass condemned, he had no desire to answer questions or explain the tweet, which he eventually deleted. Instead, Irving acts as if the media, fans and public are not capable of understanding his logic and reasoning.

Friedell’s line of questioning was not some sort of conspiracy against Irving to go viral or get clicks. The ESPN reporter offered the opportunity to show regret, remorse or compassion, but Irving responded with insolence and arrogance. If you’re not going to answer questions about promoting an antisemitic film, then why are you posting it in the first place? According to Smith, Irving doesn’t feel he owes the public those answers, because we can’t comprehend what he can.

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