Stan Van Gundy and Brian Anderson

TNT analyst Stan Van Gundy learned what “spittin'” means a week ago. Now, there’s no stopping him from spittin’ and bussin’ and saying all kinds of slang terms that the 63-year-old former NBA coach apparently knows.

Van Gundy was involved in a delightful Twitter exchange last week when Kevin Durant responded to a rant of his about the lack of player availability around the league.

“Stan spittin’,” said Durant.

Not being familiar with the term, Van Gundy launched into a passionate defense of his opinion, only for Durant to let him know “Stan, I agree with u lol.”

When someone else spelled out the definition of “spittin’,” Van Gundy admitted that he “had no idea.”

Well, he certainly does now, and apparently, Van Gundy has been studying up on Urban Dictionary in the days since.

Tuesday, he broke out a “bussin'” on an unsuspecting NBA audience. And he’s done it again on Thursday night during TNT’s broadcast of the game between the Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns.

When marveling at a replay of a nice pass and score by the Mavericks, Van Gundy noted “that pass was bussin'”

“I didn’t know you were going for that tonight. That came out of nowhere. Next thing you know you’re gonna be spittin’ on something,” said play-by-play partner Brian Anderson, who was more prescient than he could have known.

Indeed, sometime later, when Anderson was shouting out Van Gundy for his ability to correctly call replay results, Van Gundy took the bait and said “that may seem arrogant, but when you’re spittin’ you’re spittin'”

Lord knows what awaits us during Van Gundy’s next broadcast. We might find out which team gives him the “ick” or whether or not he “lowkey” thinks someone is a really good player. All we know is, we’re “shook” at how “extra” Stan has been lately.

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