Skip Bayless says the 76ers pooped all over

Skip Bayless promised to “UNLEASH” on the Philadelphia 76ers Friday morning on Undisputed and he didn’t hold anything in.

Thursday night, the 76ers blew an opportunity to close out the Celtics at home, losing by a very 1990s esque score of 95-86, earning them a trip to Boston for Game 7. Doc Rivers, James Harden and league MVP Joel Embiid failed to capitalize on bad games from Boston stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. In fact according to Bayless, the Celtics didn’t win the game, the 76ers blew it by defecating on their home court.

“And speaking of poop, you human pooped all over the floor,” Bayless ranted of the 76ers Friday morning. “That’s what it was. It wasn’t dog or horse or cow poop. You human pooped all over the floor. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a worse collapse under the circumstance…the blame should be spread around like manure, all over everybody.”

Sounds kind of gross. But Shannon Sharpe was giggling at the visual and so was I. I’m sure Bayless proceeded to make some brilliant and tantalizing points to support his opinion that the 76ers essentially sh*t the bed Thursday night, but he lost me at the first mention of poop. Teeheehee.

And speaking of poop, Skip didn’t just say it once, he said it four times! Skip is excellent at doing TV. He’s an entertainer who had the world on the edge of their seats when he teased his plans to “UNLEASH on James Harden and Joel Embiid and Doc Rivers and the Sixers,” but then he did it, he said poop.

Skip can probably get the segment back on track after one poop. But four poops? Bayless can’t expect the audience to pay attention to anything else he says after dropping four big human poops all over the floor, especially on a Friday.


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