If Draymond Green’s new media crusade is real, then he’ll have the opportunity to prove it in a sort-of sports duel with Skip Bayless.

Bayless, who is on vacation from Undisputed this week, issued the challenge on Twitter after hearing Green allege his career as a debate host has been saved by Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe.

“HEY, DRAYMOND GREEN,” Bayless tweeted. “There you go again, taking shots at me from a safe distance. LET’S GO HEAD-TO-HEAD, your podcast or mine or BOTH. Let’s go deep on LeBron or Steph or YOU. Or anything NFL since you’re the ‘New Media.’ Real talk. Not fake-tough-guy stuff. I’M WAITING …”

Somehow, I don’t believe we’ll ever see Bayless and Green “go deep on LeBron or Steph,” but let the record show that it was Skip who made the offer.

Bayless, who long ago staked his corner as the leading LeBron James critic in sports, has vehemently defended his niche in the media industry from Green, who continues to rankle traditional journalists with his “new media” crusade. During Monday night’s The Draymond Green Show/Old Man and the Three podcast combo, the Golden State Warriors forward said Bayless “f*ckin sucks,” before attempting to denigrate the 70-year-old’s career.

“Shannon [Sharpe] actually saved [Bayless] when he went to the next network!” Green said. “So when Stephen A. comes out and says ‘No, the show [First Take] was suffering, and I came on and saved it,’ you’d be a fool not to believe that because the show was suffering and Shannon came on and saved it.”

Green wasn’t accurate in his assessment of Skip’s career, failing to acknowledge that Sharpe couldn’t have “saved” Fox Sports’ Undisputed because he’s been on the show alongside Bayless since its inception in 2016.

A Bayless vs Green debate on either one of their shows seems unrealistic, with it being more likely that they’ll continue to carry out their feud through social media. At some point, however, Green will need to continue growing his podcast without the new media vs old media schtick and accept that he’s not replacing anyone. But I don’t doubt the offer from Bayless really does stand.

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